We will be providing a variety of helpful resources, including articles, videos, and other information and tools developed  by Aspire and other contributors to the field. We encourage you to use them and check back often for updates.



Strategies for Culturally Responsive Instruction

This video focuses on the ways that ignoring DEI leads to real inequities that have real consequences, and then strategies that instructors can use to place their learners at the center of instructional design.


Meet the Author: Carmine Stewart, PhD

Dr. Stewart discusses her article, “Universal Design for Learning in Adult Literacy Education: Increasing Outcomes for All Learners,” published by the Coalition on Basic Adult Education

Discussions of Racial Equity in Adult Education

The Coalition on Adult Basic Education hosted a series of panel discussions around race, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The panel features Dr. Stewart and Dr. Cheise Moore of the American Institute for Research.


Strategies for Learners with Low Proficiency

This session was designed and conducted for the Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland. The Cooperative surveyed adult literacy educators to identify areas where they wanted to receive professional development. Helping learners with low proficiency was identified as one area of need.