Our Services

Aspire specializes in providing education and training for adult literacy professionals. Our services focus on four critical areas: professional development, program auditing and improvement, program evaluation, and instructional design.

Professional Development

One criticism that teachers often make about professional development is that it is not applicable to their classroom setting.  Instructors attend workshop after workshop but return to their classes using the same strategies on Monday morning.  Our professional development is designed to “survive the weekend,” providing instructors with rich experiences, and new knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies that can be implemented immediately in a variety of classroom settings.  In fact, many of our training sessions, designed for instructors by instructors, include opportunities to practice skills and strategies with other participants as a part of the learning experience.

Program Auditing & Improvement

Designing and implementing programs that add value to clients is at the heart of nearly every organization’s mission statement. Engaging in a continuous improvement process is a great way to ensure that program objectives, activities, and outcomes align with that overall mission. Our approach to program improvement is an appreciative process that involves engaging key stakeholders in assessing current operations and customer needs from multiple points of view, identifying areas for improving processes and programs, imagining the ideal implementation, translating ideals into actionable steps with measurable outcomes, and evaluating performance qualitatively and quantitatively. Our most recent iteration of this product includes a Program Assessment Tool that allows programs to examine diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in every area of their organization, collect data on the current implementation, and develop a DEI Implementation Plan.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a tool to review the efficiency and effectiveness of programs.  Program evaluation is an important part of program design, and is most effective and helpful when considered at the beginning of a program’s design.  The evaluation process begins by identifying program goals and outcomes and identifying the indicators for success.   Consultants then collect data from multiple stakeholder groups,  review program outcome data, and analyze data to provide information about the impact of the program.

Instructional Design

Instructional design is an important component of professional development and program improvement.  With so much information available, and so many technological tools at our disposal, it is tempting to dump information into a presentation or online learning management system and expect employees to absorb the information.  While it is likely that employees may learn something from this approach, the learning outcomes may not be the intended outcomes of professional development.  Instructional design is a process that uses the foundation of adult learning and development theory to systematically plan learning activities that directly relate to desired learning outcomes.