We aspire to reduce illiteracy levels in adult learners internationally and to increase the literacy levels of youth and young adults through the education and professional development of adult literacy instructors and secondary and developmental educators.


Aspire offers a broad range of educational services, including teacher professional development, instructional design, program improvements, financial literacy education, and research.


The training sessions that Aspire has provided … are always grounded in research and highly interactive, with clear objectives that give participants ready-to-use tools and strategies. Aspire is unwavering in its commitment and passion to equip teachers for the unique demands of adult education.”  Christine Lee, Training & Communications Consultant

Culturally Responsive Instruction

This video was developed by Aspire founder and president Dr. Carmine Stewart for the Career and Technical Education (CTE) College Community of Practice Meeting held in March of 2022. Instructors in the CTE project had been working with their coaches to learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the community college level, and had expressed a desire for more professional development focused on practical strategies for making their programs more inclusive, and more student-centered.  This session focused on the ways that ignoring DEI leads to real inequities that have real consequences, and then strategies that instructors can use to place their learners at the center of instructional design.